CSharp (C#) domain for Sphinx.


Install the extension using pip:

pip install sphinxsharp

Or install extension with custom styling:

pip install sphinxsharp-pro


This documentation using a sphinxsharp-pro extension.


To enable the extension, you need to add the following to your conf.py:

extensions = ['sphinxsharp.sphinxsharp'] # for sphinxsharp with default styling
extensions = ['sphinxsharp-pro.sphinxsharp'] # for sphinxsharp with custom styling


With custom styling you can define your styles (colors etc.) for syntax highlightning using css.

In your .rst documents you can use it with explicit directive declaration:

.. sphinxsharp:type:: public class Example

Or for shorter version, define this domain as default:

.. default-domain:: sphinxsharp

.. type:: public class Example

See also

See also list of available Directives.

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